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.....if you are so kindly inclined to do so. : )

My new account is at :iconskyesparrow:

I just felt I needed a fresh, clean, organized new start to my gallery, and was glad of the notion to keep this one preserved as it is.

Please write all future notes and comments to me there.  I don't know that I'll check this one much longer.

Thank you kindly again with much love and many thanks,
~ Mandarin
(Yes, you can still call me that. ; ) )
  • Listening to: Roll With the Changes - REO Speedwagon
  • Watching: DBZ Abridged
  • Playing: What parts of Strand exist so far. ; )
  • Drinking: Mandarin & Black Tea


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bayonettafan001 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
God bless you for the watch :)
OraTheRebelKitsune Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
THNX for the fav :D
OraTheRebelKitsune Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch :)
Nicole-Designer Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Student Interface Designer
Thank you for all the favorites on my latest pieces! I really appreciate it right now with this artists block I am going through <3 <3 <3 

Have A Lovely Day! Eevee Heart 
MarcelisKhaldern Featured By Owner May 2, 2016
Thanks for adding me to your watchlist!
Saskle Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot for your :+fav:! It means a lot, coming from you! :heart:
MandarinSwift Featured By Owner May 1, 2016
Any time, your paintings are beautiful. : )
Saskle Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Student General Artist
MandarinSwift Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016
Taking a quick break from working on Strand to respond to this.  (Sorry I didn't sooner!)

Tagged by

Star sign
Sag/Sco (Not really my thing.)

Average hours of sleep:
Try to get 7-8, usually get 5-7, if I go below that my nose tends to revolt the entire following day. 

Lucky Number:
Um, 7 or 777? 

Last thing I googled:
Peacock Spiders to show littl'ns.  They're cool - look them up if you don't know what they are. : )

Favorite fictional character:
Um, changes often, right now...
TV Shows: Harold Finch (Person of Interest)
Animation: Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo & Speedwagon (JJBA)
...There are more, but that's enough for now. ; p

What are you wearing now?:
A black pleather skirt and beaded eggplant high-collar halter top

When did you start this account?:
Um - it says 4 years ago.

Amount of watchers:
312, apparently.  I also appreciate them all, of course!! ...though I have a feeling half the list are from when I was first on this account and they left DA while I was gone for a while there. ^ ^;

What do you post?:
Right now.. My art including my redesigns and random fanart and updates from my husband and I's first indie game project. : )

Do you run any more blogs?:
I don't know that I technically run any...?

Do you get a lot of comments?:
Like most people on current DA - Nope! ; p

Why did you choose this nickname?:
I actually originally picked it as I thought it would be a nice pseudonym for writing my children's books...which are still on hold, but I hope to get back to relatively soon. : )

I Tag:
Whoever on my friends list would like to respond!
(I just did one of these - I don't want to drive people nuts tagging them too much. ^ ^; )
zenikat Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
omgomg i cant believe u started watching me!!! aaaa youre such a cool artist and im just a beginner like;; Aaaa tysm ;w;
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